Eleanor Frajka-Williams

Eleanor Frajka-Williams

Professor of Ocean Dynamics in a Changing Climate

Universität Hamburg

I am a physical oceanographer who uses ocean observations to investigate ocean dynamics and circulation in a changing climate, and the leader of the Experimental Oceanography working group at the Institute of Oceanography, Universität Hamburg. I have a particular interest in problems spanning scales (from micro- to large-scale) or spheres (biogeosphere, cryosphere, atmosphere), and in methods that leverage traditional observations with new platforms and satellite data.

  • Ocean dynamics in a changing climate
  • Observational methods and technology
  • PhD in Physical Oceanography, 2009

    University of Washington

  • MSc in Applied Mathematics, 2009

    University of Washington

  • MSc in Oceanography, 2005

    University of Washington

  • AB in Applied Mathematics, 2002

    Harvard University



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