DSOW observations

This page is a placeholder, and content updates are underway.

It currently contains a list of datasets collected during the maintenance of the DS2 mooring, and nearby hydrographic cruises (collected by UHH and on related projects), listed below in the Publications list. More generally, the CTD data (cruises and moorings) can generally be found on PANGAEA, while the transport data are on the OceanSITES website GS ridge.

If you notice any are missing, please let me know.

Eleanor Frajka-Williams
Eleanor Frajka-Williams
Professor of Ocean Dynamics in a Changing Climate

I am a physical oceanographer who uses ocean observations to investigate ocean dynamics and circulation in a changing climate. I have a particular interest in problems spanning scales (from micro- to large-scale) or spheres (biogeosphere, cryosphere, atmosphere), and in methods that leverage traditional observations with new platforms and satellite data.