Shipboard equipment

Ship-based oceanographic equipment, that is, equipment that is attached to or lowered over the side of a research vessel but not intended to be left in the ocean, forms the backbone of many oceanographic measurement campaigns. These include a CTD (conductivity-temperature-depth) device, often deployed on a rosette or cylindrical frame with Niskin bottles attached to take water samples. They also include equipment that is installed on the vessel itself, e.g., the hull-mounted current profilers such as a 38 kHz or 75 kHz ADCP to measure the currents directly beneath the vessel.

Equipment at IfM EO

  • CTD (e.g., Seabird 911plus CTD and deck unit) with fluorometer, turbidity, dissolved oxygen
  • Lowered ADCP (300 kHz upwards- and downwards-looking)
  • Underway CTD (Oceanscience sensor)
  • Rosette with 12 x 5L bottles
  • Salinometer (lab-based)
  • Winkler titration setup (lab-based) for dissolved oxygen

We additionally have equipment used primarily for teaching:

  • Sea & Sun CTD 48-m
  • RBR XR-420 CT and DR-150
  • SBE19plus SeaCat Profiler