Boaty McBoatface M44 in Orkney Passage


Autosub Long Range (aka Boaty McBoatface) is an autonomous underwater vehicle developed at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton. For its maiden voyage, University of Southampton oceanographers led by Alberto Naveira Garabato deployed the ALR around Orkney Passage as part of the DynOPO (Dynamics of the Orkney Passage Outflow) field operations in 2017. During the recent DynOPO 2017 cruise, we created a fly-through animation of Autosub Long Range’s voyage (3.5 days, compressed into 3.5 minutes) to visualise its progress. It has cameo appearances by a Rockland Vertical Microstructure Profiler and the British Antarctic Survey ship, the RRS James Clark Ross. The animation itself uses the ALR’s pitch, heading, roll, propeller speed and position information, the JCR heading and position, and the VMP position and depth. Coded in Matlab. Created by Eleanor Frajka-Williams (co-investigator on DynOPO project) with help from Rob Templeton (National Oceanography Centre, Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems engineer -, and input from several members of the expedition.

Eleanor Frajka-Williams
Eleanor Frajka-Williams
Professor of Ocean Dynamics in a Changing Climate

I am a physical oceanographer who uses ocean observations to investigate ocean dynamics and circulation in a changing climate. I have a particular interest in problems spanning scales (from micro- to large-scale) or spheres (biogeosphere, cryosphere, atmosphere), and in methods that leverage traditional observations with new platforms and satellite data.