UHH staff offers (Health / wellness offers from UHH)

Various health and wellness offers from UHH (including the health and wellness offers newsletter)

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Mobile massage at UHH

Mobile massage, alternate Tuesdays at the Institute for Cell and System Biology, Martin-Luther-King Platz 3. Other locations are also available, but this is the nearest to Bundesstraße 53.

See details here (KUS). These are 20 minute appointments with a €20 co-payment (bring to appointment).

See also January 2024 newsletter (external).

Gym membership with EGYM Wellpass

There is a €42/month gym membership (and can be cancelled monthly) available via offers from UHH.

You can find participating gyms here: search EGYM (external).

A ‘plus 1’ is available for partners at €50/mo.

See also January 2024 newsletter (external).