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Outlook on the web



Gitlab for IFMEO group (git)

  • IFMEO group - you may need to create an account and ask to join ifmeo
  • Moorings - code to read Mooring data directories (as currently existing on Laufwerk ifmro) and create metadata files/processing into netcdf.
  • Data inventory - Code to create inventories/maps of data

IFMEO project on DKRZ-Levante


Poster printing at CEN

  • CEN poster printing can be done by uploading a file which will then be printed and can be picked up in the hallway of DKRZ building (Bu45a) on the ground floor next to the helpdesk room 17.

Note people are not there everyday so it’s best to call. Standard roll width of 90.4 cm (35.6"). Fabric is possible.

Hiring & Finance

Internal accounts linnks


University calendar

Moodle for teaching

  • Moodle - the MIN faculty has a moodle.

OpenOlat (For Messmethoden)

  • OpenOlat - content management system at UHH. Useful for online exams.

Wiki (for SeePraktikum)

Directions to our building

IFM websites

Suggested hotels

  • YoHo

YoHo Hamburg Moorkamp 5 20357 HamburgTel. +49-40-2841910 yoho@yoho-hamburg.de

  • Mercure

Mercure Hotel Hamburg Mitte Schroederstiftstr. 3 20146 HAMBURG Tel. +49 40 450690 h5394@accor.com

Other IT help

Help (Uni)

Help (Cen)

  • CEN IT - Local IT help for Earth system science (IFM is part of this).

Help (IFMEO)

  • We have a ‘Help’ channel on mattermost. If you’re on the IFMEO mattermost, but can’t see the Help channel, then try the “+” sign in the top left, then “Browse Channels”, then select “Help”.

Online tools

Online management



Poster templates

UHH templates